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Principal's Message

Larry Buchanan
San Altos

Our goal is to have more than 95% in attendance this year. Last year we achieve a 95.15%. Nearly thirty of our students were awarded perfect attendance certificates by Assemblywoman Dr. Shirley Weber and received frame-able letters from the California Senate and the California Assembly. Additionally, they were treated to a reception at Sea World and a free visit to the Sea World park for themselves and a guest. Your student can be among this year's awardees.

Birthday Celebrations 
We will not be celebrating birthdays at school. In the past, parents have brought food and other items to give to their student's classmates to celebrate their student's birthday. We will not be allowing this anymore. The Principal will recognize students who have birthdays with a San Altos pencil and a card. Parents can send invitations with their students to pass out to attend off-campus celebrations. We have found that allowing birthday celebrations is not fair to students whose parents cannot afford to bring things, is not fair for students whose birthday does not occur on school days, and is often not in compliance with our health and nutrition guidelines. Plus, the celebrations takes up instructional minutes. For these reasons, we will not permit parents to bring items to school or to distribute things on school grounds. We appreciate your compliance with these directives. Thanks! 

Please join San Altos PTA. The cost is $7.00. Your contribution helps to fund student field trips and to support students in the classroom. Last year, 100% of our teachers and the Principal joined. That takes care of the "T" in PTA. We are asking that our parents join and take care of the "P" in PTA. Then we can boast of having a vibrant Parent Teacher Association.

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